I am currently working on moving my setup as much away from proprietary, closed-source technologies as possible. This is a great way to learn how things work, how to configure them, but it isn’t so great to maintain them, at least for me. I tried it a couple of times, and I always couldn’t be bothered with keeping everything working, up to date and secured.

Some things didn’t work, some required workarounds, some applications had various conflicts - all leading up to the point where I reverted to the old ways of using the same proprietary services. Thankfully, this is no longer the case - thanks to YunoHost! 💓

YunoHost is a distribution of Linux based on Debian 10 that aims to simplify this workflow as much as possible. It handles adding domains to the server, generating certificates for them, managing users through LDAP (if the application supports it and is in the app catalog, it probably uses YunoHost’s LDAP to authenticate) and much more.

Unfortunately, applications have to be available in the application catalog1, although this may be circumvented (I will be describing it in another blog post).

So far my server houses:

I will be working on a couple of more blog posts that describe what issues I encountered and how I fixed them.

  1. Here is the full catalog and here is the wishlist for upcoming apps, a lot of the wishlisted apps have some configs prepared, but they need some work to be fully fleshed out↩︎

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Posted on: 2021-08-09, last edited on: 2021-08-23, written by: KamilBaczkowski