When I was away, Unicode added some new emojis to the spec; eager to have what’s new, I decided to try them out. Unfortunately no font or app supports them yet 🫠 (that’s a melting face emoji if you’re not gifted with a font that renders it). The same thing happened with websites that I used to search for emojis. And I did what I do when other people fail me - sat down to scripting.

I knew I had to get my list of emojis from somewhere, but didn’t really know where from. A quick search revealed this list that, even though it has all of them, doesn’t really suit me, since it only contains the CLDR Short Name. I didn’t want to use that, since over the years, I learned other names, like :​eyes​: for 👀. But then I found another list which looked exactly like what I needed.

What followed was a quick python script that fetches the page, parses the HTML, does some modification to the fetched data, and then dumps it into a file. Then, to top it off, another quick script that I bound to $mod+e key combo in i3. Now I have an emoji picker of my own ;)

Tags: english technical linux bash shell programming

Posted on: 2021-10-18, last edited on: 2021-10-19, written by: Kavelach