I hate working with printers, but I know this feeling is widespread. Today I tried printing something and it didn’t work, obviously. Since my setup is slightly more complicated than “Printer connected via USB directly to the machine” it is always a hell to debug.

I have been trying to run networked printers for… 12 years? I’ve tried hosting a network printer on Windows and on Linux and stuff always breaks for no reason. Right now I have an HP LaserJet printer that is connected to a laptop running Linux. There CUPS shares it over the network used by two Linux PCs.

On my fiancée’s PC printing worked fine. But on my PC, with the same config, it didn’t. My deduction was on the fact that something is different between our OSes - I run NixOS, she runs Manjaro.

I was debugging it for hours. The only error I was getting was that the printer’s configuration is incorrect. After fiddling with it, I finally decided to not use the printer that CUPS discovered automatically (its URI began with dnssd://) and I instead used the http:// CUPS URI: and I used the Generic make and Raw Queue driver. After that it started working.

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Posted on: 2024-07-05, last edited on: 2024-07-05, written by: Kavelach